SCHMACKOS® Chew Strips Beef

SCHMACKOS® Chew Strips are real pieces of chewy, long lasting rawhide, basted in a tasty gravy, then oven baked. Your dog really will do anything for a SCHMACKOS Chew Strips - even behave itself.

Specially formulated to be a long lasting treat. Perfect for keeping your dog occupied.
Available in 30g packs.

For more product information email SCHMACKOS or check on-pack for details.

Schmackos Chew Strips Beef

Take a look at the SCHMACKOS® range of dog treats and you’ll discover there’s a SCHMACKOS for pretty much every occasion - from training and rewarding your dog to nurturing and occupying your hairy, couch obsessed little friend. But the one thing every SCHMACKOS dog treat has in common is that dogs go absolutely WACKO for them.