The SCHMACKOS® Schmackolosophy

Ever wondered why dogs go so WACKO for SCHMACKOS? It's because SCHMACKOS are specifically designed to smell and taste absolutely amazing... to a dog. Yep, dogs will do pretty much anything for a SCHMACKOS - like behave, perform a trick, or turn into a dog ninja and scale the kitchen bench to open the SCHMACKOS cupboard.

It's this yumminess that is at the heart of the SCHMACKOS philosophy - a 'Schmackolosphy' if you will. And that Schmackolosophy is to do everything possible to help dogs and their humans have more fun together. That's why SCHMACKOS has created an irresistible range of dog treats that are perfect for playing, training and rewarding. As soon as SCHMACKOS get taken out of the cupboard, fun follows. And that's the way it should be.

Need more info? Here's some.

SCHMACKOS has been around since 1989, launching with a range of ridiculously delicious dog snacks designed to help dogs and their humans have fun together. Now the SCHMACKOS product range includes SCHMACKOS STRAPZ, STIX, Marrobones, Chomp 'n' Chew and Chew Strips. But let's be honest, dogs will walk over broken broccoli to eat any of them.

The good news is there are even more SCHMACKOS products on the way - so keep an eye out for SCHMACKOS' famous Roger & Dorothy ads. And most importantly, look for the legendary red SCHMACKOS packs in your local supermarket or pet store. If you're a dog, these are the black and white ones with the word 'SCHMACKOS' written on them.